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3 Tips For a Fun, Stress-Free Kids Room

by Francesca Wallace on Aug 26, 2023

Your little one's room, a place where imagination runs wild and giggles fill the air.

But let's be real, sometimes it feels like a storm of toys and colours hit, right?

Suddenly, that serene space turns into a whirlwind of overstimulation.

Maybe you were trying to go Montessori chic and it has taken a turn into a world of wooden toys cluttered into the corner.

Or perhaps you're like me, you started with pastels and suddenly before you know it, a once quiet and relaxing space has turned into a room that looks a lot more like a hurricane of colour has hit and left you with toys and books thrown all over the place.

I've been there, right alongside you, and I've got a story to share – it's all about finding the magic in...

Tips for a Fun, Stress-free Kid's Room

*Tip 1: Less is More*

Here's the secret recipe for a room that's a hub of giggles and tales: keeping things simple. It's like creating a playground of imagination, with just the right amount of fun.

By picking out what matters most and dialing back on the rest, you're leaving room for adventures and imaginations to flourish.

And as your little one grows, this room transforms, much like the pages of a cherished book.

*Tip 2: Play With Colours*

Ah, colours – the heartbeat of every child's world. But choosing the right ones can be a bit overwhelming.

Here's where the plot thickens – removable wall decals. Picture this: a sea of seashells adorning the walls, adding splashes of colour to the neutral canvas.

And when the time comes for a new chapter, these decals can transform the room's look with a flick of your wand.

*Tip 3: Room to Play*

Hold on to your hats, because this part's crucial.

Unlike the rest of your home, a child's room needs space to breathe.

It's like a stage where their creativity takes centre stage, where they can leap, twirl, and let their imaginations soar.

It's where they rehearse their dreams and act out their adventures!

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