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Design a Space You Truly Love With Wall Stickers Hand-Painted By Frankie

Remove with NO DAMAGE

Unique hand-painted designs

Non-toxic & environmentally safe

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Love, Frankie decals are made from a fabric material specifically designed for use on walls, so they remove with NO DAMAGE.

They are easily removable without any stickiness or residue, which is great if you are renting! 

They are also reusable, so you can keep the backing paper and then store them for future use.

  • Standard shipping for orders over $90 free.
  • Domestic express shipping in Australia is free on decal orders over $250.

Love, Frankie decals are hand painted with watercolours.

They are then printed onto linen-textured, printable, 100% polyester fabric that can be reused many times over!

This unique adhesive material is non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable and will not shrink or curl.

Our decals will adhere to all paint types including acrylic or enamel, and Wash and Wear paints and those that contain Teflon. Gloss or matte finished are fine too.

Wash and Wear paint and others that contain Teflon can reject some wall sticker products. However to date, we have not had this issue reported.

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